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Types of installations

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The house does not have a connection to the electricity network because it does not arrive, or one wants to DISCONNECT from the network. In these cases, you never receive an electricity bill and you will depend exclusively on the energy you generate and store in your batteries.


The house consumes energy directly from the solar panels and accumulates it in batteries, but maintains connection to the electricity grid. That way we will have energy at night or when there is no sun. In addition, if the main grid fails, we will always have energy available thanks to our solar batteries.

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With this type of solar installation we will consume our solar energy only during the day. If there is no power, the system will automatically take it from the main Grid.

At night, the electricity we consume comes from the power grid.

According to current legislation, these are installations in which the user decides not to inject the surplus into the electrical network. In this case, the energy that we do not self-consume will be lost (self-consumption without surpluses).

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It is the most beneficial system: one will always be connected to the electrical network but we use the network as our energy store.

When you produce more energy than you consume, you can inject that excess of energy into the network. All the energy injected is registered in your account and you can consume it at another time, for example at night (simplified bonus system).

In this way, not a single watt of your energy produced is lost, nor will you have to install batteries to accumulate it. It is the most efficient and economical system that pays off the cost of your installation faster.

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