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Generating your own energy is changing the world

Reference in the solar sector

Roselsolar Ibiza S.L. was founded under Roselcosolar S L in 2006 we provide green energy solutions powered by the sun.
Our more than 16 years of experience, operational for over a decade on the Island Ibiza and with over 3 300 designed and installed solar installations a benchmark in the solar sector.

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Solar PV domestic

Be more independent and control your electrical bill against substantial rising energy costs and lower your carbon footprint.

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Optimization of the current
electrical installation and consumption

Design of the savings
plan and financing

Technical and
executive design

Permits, registrations,
legalization and subsidies

Installation, connection
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and adjustment

Proposal and explanation to the customer

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Unlimited free energy

Why solar PV?

The source of this energy is free!
There is no questioning the fact that the cost of energy has been rising incredibly and is predicted to continue to do so in the years to come. Alongside this, the importance of maintaining a healthy environment has grown, with environmental efforts thrown to the forefront of many people's everyday lives. Installing a solar energy system is a cost-effective, sustainable, and simple way to reduce your environmental footprint and your energy costs. Solar energy is non-polluting, clean sustainable, silent, renewable.

What are the benefits of a solar PV system?

Solar energy helps in reducing your carbon footprint and your electricity costs. This results in a more sustainable property and a more environmentally friendly way to power your property. Its an environmentally friendly heat source and save you money. In addition to this, through solar energy you can generate your own electricity without relying totally on the grid, giving you total control and with battery storage system independence.

How long will a solar PV system last?

It's an endless power source
The modules themselves have long warranties, typically 12 years with a 25-year performance warranty. Inverter warranties range from 5 to 12 years and are extendable at a cost. The new generation Solar PV modules still produce 84% of its output after 25 years.

How many panels will I need?

We always design your system to best suit your electricity requirement. Solar PV systems are modular and can be any size. We would take into consideration the available space you have and any budget you had in mind. We will carry out a free survey to determine this, alongside meeting with you to discuss your requirements.

Why use solar panels?

Installing solar PV panels at your home or business will reduce your energy bills and protect you from rising energy costs. With currently additional subsidies it will make it even more affordable.

Why use solar with batteries?

You can save even more if you pair your solar system with a battery system. This will store the energy your system produces that you cannot use (for example in the day when you're out), so you can use it later instead of buying energy from the grid. The system also provides you more independence as its still supports you when there are electrical short cuts from the grid.

Are there additional costs?

Maintenance is more less negligible, there are no moving parts, so virtually maintenance free.

How does the future look for solar PV?

All future mechanisms are for now most likely to be electrical, be it your electrical car, heating by air to water, as by gas or oil it's too expensive and is or will be forbidden in the years to follow. Beside your standard appliances, lightning and other electrical components we know off and we use on a day-to-day basis are not foreseen to change in the near future therefore solar PV system is considered to be the best choice.

Last installations

Solar installations in companies and individuals

Roselsolar-SAT 24/7

Tranquillity is much more than good working facilities.
Tranquillity is to know that Roselsolar Ibiza is with its customers and at any moment if one wishes can use our 24/7 service.


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